John H, from Wilmington, Ohio wrote:
Dear Ellen,

I am a great fan of your work, I am a inspiring film director so I hope to work with you one day.
You are a very lovely lady and I wish you the best.

Bob K. from Boston, MA wrote:
Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Here's to many, many more Happy B-Days. You are an amazing actor and one of the brightest young stars in film today.

Keep on doing what you do so well.
Bob K.

Emma Lawson from Kentucky wrote:
Hi Ellen! You are such a fantastic actress. I've seen Juno a ton of times, and it is one of the best movies ever. Diablo Cody's script makes it a good movie, but it would not be the same without you. I hope to see you in many movies to come! Have a fantastic birthday!!
-Emma, age 13

Isabelle from Sweden wrote:
Hi Ellen.
I watched Juno and I just wanted to say that you rocked! You are a great actress, keep up the good work and.. I hope that you'll act in many movies in the future :) By the way.. you're really cute! :D

Tamer Shahin from Valencia Espa wrote:
Solo queria agradecer q me ayas devuelto la ilusion.

No dejes de visitar Valencia.
Un beso muy grande

colleen from halifax wrote:
have a great birthday!! congrats on all your success. you should be very proud of yourself!


Mandi Sperry from Lockeport Elementary School Grade 3 wrote:
hi Ellen! I'm from Lockeport Elementary School and I'm in grade 3. My teacher is Miss Wendy Langille.(as you may know)your mom knows her from soccer.Hope you have a happy b-day and I hope you make good choices for yourself now that you are 21. Thanks for letting me take the time to send you this message. Hope you'll visit Lockeport soon. It was nice to hear that you said lots of nice things about Lockeport. Bye for now. Hope to meet you someday.
From Mandi

Tony from China wrote:
To our little beauty,
U r the best! Keep improving yourself!
We all love U!

mike from Sweden wrote:
U are a totally wounderful actress and I am sure that your attitude to life is an inspiration to many.
Keep it up, it sincerely glads me!

Tahn from Nijmegen, The Netherlands wrote:
Yeah I know I'm a taaad late and I do apologize.

The fact that we're all gathered here should prove to you what an (awe-)inspiring person you are. May you continue to grace the world with your wisdom, laughter and light... preferably attached to our forehead =P

Lots of love from the low lands ;)

jochem Lindhout from Amsterdam wrote:

Seen Juno last night, loved it!x

Jennifer Lam from Kamloops, BC wrote:

ellen you inspire me in a way that makes me alive again i was pretty much living in the gutter 'cause i didnt really know what id become but since your roles in Mouth to Mouth and on, youve shown me that just being myself is good enough.

thanx for that

i wish you the best in future movies and life in general.

thank you for all your karizma and sense of self-possesion.
its refreshing.

Jennifer Lam

it would just mean so much to me if you just wrote me. even if it was just a "hi". you inspire me. love.

Ajith from Kerala, India wrote:
Dear Ellen, cant say in words how much we love your work in our country. I want to say I am honored to watch the growth of a really talented beauty ! Please continue to be the inspirational actor you are and may the force be with you :)

Zach from Minnesota wrote:
Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration and a remarkable actress. Have a great birthday. Cant wait to see another one of your films!


Zach from Halifax wrote:
Happy Belated Birthday Ellen! You will win an Academy Award at some time in your life, don't worry!

Maria from Sweden wrote:
Hope you had a wonderful birthday with lots of gifts and much appreciation from your family and dear ones! Would be honored if you visited my site
Best wishes from Maria

dominika from poland wrote:
you're simply great, don't ever change

Javier from Spain wrote:
Hi!!, i'm spanish boy. I saw Juno and i love it. You're a very good actress.

Kisses from Spain !!!

justin ko from los angeles wrote:
I hope you had an excellent birthday!

Maddie O. from Oregon, USA wrote:
Happy belated birthday, Ellen! You are the most down to earth actress of our time. Please don`t change and keep being yourself!

Benji Hanelly from Altoona, PA wrote:
Hey Ellen, happy slight belated birthday! Congrats on all the Juno success, I loved the flick. And if Sigur Ros is playing on this page cos' you yourself dig them, well then you're my new favorite actress haha. . well. . I don't have one. . didn't. . Do now, you, that's my birthday present to ya! haha. Much luck to future projects. Peace oat.

santy from malaga,SPAIN wrote:

Kaileik Asbury from bronx,ny wrote:
hey Ellen(i said your name like I know you)
well just wanted to wishyou a great beleated 21 birthday!!

Isabelle from Germany wrote:
Happy Belated Birthday!
wish you all the best.
I hope that juno is so successful in Germany as in the usa.
stay as you are... you're amazing

estel from Llagostera (GIRONA) spain wrote:
felicidades ellen! :)