Jeremy from New York City wrote:
Happy Belated Birthday Ellen! Not only are you a remarkable actress, but your incredibly humble, not to mention really cute. I wish you much success and happiness in the coming years, I know we'll see big things from you!
Can't wait to see The Tracey Fragments at the MoMa in a couple weeks!

我不是很懂英语,当我看完JUNO后.半部我认为你就是我的女神.happy brithday and can you anwer me?

Marc from Leesburg, Florida wrote:
Happy (belated) birthday, beautiful.

Kenneth from Bellevue, WA wrote:
Happy late late 21st birthday. Guess what my birthday is on 2/21 as well.

Good job on Juno and SNL.

Catherine M from Connecticut wrote:
Hey Ellen! Have an awesome Birthday! You're amazing! Stay just the way you are and have a great day! We love you!

Michael from Philippines wrote:
Hey Ellen!

I just wanted to tell you I am so amazed by how well you act. Juno wouldn't have been as successful if it wasn't for you. Hope I get to meet you someday. Keep dreaming and doing what you think is best!

alyssa from re wrote:
hi? how u doing,

Denise from Argetnina wrote:
you`r amazing! wishes and just do what you like. you can come one day to Argentina!.jaja...excelent actress and you deserve it all!

Jarred from Atlanta, Georgia wrote:
Happy belated birthday Ellen! I hope you had an awesome time. I'm such a huge fan of your work! I can't wait for your upcoming movie releases! Best of luck!

Dylan from The Netherlands wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen,

I saw Juno it was a great movie! You are a wonderful person and a great actress, love you!

Loves from Holland :)

paige from ottawa, ontario wrote:
youre so families from halifax too and i think its really cool that youre from there too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Paul from Poland wrote:
Hi. Yesterday I saw Juno... great movie, you are wonderful! Happy birthday Ellen and best wishes from Poland.

tali from israel wrote:
sweet ellen!
first i wishing u happy birthday!!
i've seen juno and i love it very much, good luck.

Ashlee from New York wrote:
I love you Ellen! I hope that you have the best birthday. You are a great inspiration to me and I love you for that. I hope you have a great life. We love you!!!

xoxo, Ashlee
Your #1 Fan

Daniel from Mexico City wrote:
I just want to say that you are one of my favorite actress. Happy Birthday!! All my best wishes for you!!

Hannah from Toronto wrote:
Hey Ellen,

You are one genuine person! Please stay the way you are and dont let hollywood get to you. Great acting! Happy HAppy 21st Birthday!!



Marion from France from Paris wrote:
Hey !
I would like to say Happy Birthday !
I wait another movies with you because i've seen Juno and I really love it !

Nazrai from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia wrote:
You've got a lovely smile and gritty attidude as well.You have the whole package woman. Never give up hope and keep on being passionate with the thing you do best - Acting !!

Best wishes.

hussen from egypt wrote:
happy birthday!

A.K from Philippines wrote:
Dear Ellen,

Even though this is quite late, i just want you to greet a happy happy birthday. You are a great actress and a beautiful woman and i admire you for that. I also want you to know that i am your number 1 fan here in the Philippines. Hope you visit our country someday. I wish for all the best for you.

Rob from LA wrote:

Damon from Maryland wrote:
Your work first captivated me while I was camping up north at Kejimkujik National Park, a friend of mine brought along his copy of Hard Candy and said I needed to see some "Real Canadian Acting" and that the movie would blow me away. Obviously it has since im posting on a fansite of yours ( which is beautifully made Dominick ) but needless to say all your movies/tv spots/shorts have been a close favorite of mine. While 21 probably holds no real importance since its mostly an American milestone I still hope you enjoyed the day and Im looking forward to seeing your performance in Jack & Diane.

Deborah from Ontario wrote:
Happy Belated Birthday Ellen!! Your such an inspiring actress, and you have a great taste in music! Hope you had a good birthday!

Jennifer from Michigan wrote:
I absolutely loved Juno. You are soo amazing and cool. It was be awesome if I really met you. I love your style! You're really pretty and you had a awesome personality on Juno. Great Movie!!

Guillaume from Paris wrote:

Bonjour Ellen, I would like to thank you for the excellent job you've done so far, and to wish you good luck for the futur of your career.

Gros bisous de France !