Hyacinthe from Besan wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen,
sorry i didn't write before, i've just discovered this website.

Keep doing good movies and listening awesome music (the moldy peaches !!!)

I hope i'll meet you one day


Justin from California wrote:
You truly are a beautiful soul. Your work on screen is so impressive. I want to wish you a happy birthday and continued success. Hope you continue to choose films that make you happy and not just for the sake of others "above" you.(ie, management etc...). I guess if I met you we could now share a drink together lol.

Muah ;-),


alice :D from LONDON wrote:
Hey ellen!
happy birthdayyy hope you have a really good time and just to say that you are AMAZING you were so goood in Juno! its one of my favourite films :D
i also want to see hard candy [better late than never hey?] and you are such a good actress!
you inspire me in so many ways, you'll never know

James from Brisbane, California wrote:
Hi, I just wanted to say that, and this might sound a little .... hokey, but you are the reason i move on with my school life. As i said before, this might sound a little hokey but i'm struggling with my home and school life, and you are just such an inspirational and....RIGHT person in everything you do. And HOPEFULLY the acting classesi just enrolled in will bring us together for a project in the future.so,luv ya,hopefully i meet you!(James@hotmail.com)love to at least get a hello?

nina from chicago wrote:
it's tragic that you won't have the opportunity to be a guest star-turned regular on Arrested Development. thanks for being so genuine, it's refreshing these days.

Julia from New Jersey wrote:
Dear Ellen Page,
I am Julia I am only 9 years old but I look up to you I think you are sooo funny and great I wish I could meet you you rock hope your birthday does too!!! Love,

Eric from New York wrote:
Hope you had fun during your holiday, you are a brilliant actress and such a talented person, dont give up the hard work.

Jon from New York wrote:
Sorry I wasn't able to post on your birthday I just found out about your fan page. Hope you had an amazing birthday. I hope you continue to be your unique self and I will follow every piece you work on. People say you will be an amazing actress but in reality you ARE an amazing actress. Keep it up beautiful!

Jesika from Inwood, West Virginia wrote:
Better late than never ;) Happy Birthday Ellen! You're amazingly talented and such an inspiration. Continue to shine always. Xo

Lewis from Swindon, England wrote:
Hi Ellen,

You're a terrific actress and I wish you all the best for the future.

Happy Birthday!

Astrid from Jakarta, Indonesia wrote:
Hi there... I watched Juno and understand why you got nominated. Excellent young female actress.

Kiara from West Columbia, Texas wrote:
You are an amazing actress and a huge inspiration.

reece from barnsley wrote:
cool taste in tunes

pete from nj wrote:
keep rockin cutie

Ryan from The Sticks wrote:
I hope it's not too late to say happy birthday to a Ms. Ellen Page. Ellen, you are the best actress. The way you make your characters come to life in more ways than real life itself. Sure, I first realized your talent in Juno, but I've come to regret that. From early on you were the best. Anyways, have a Happy Birthday and many more.

Edward Ramos from Monterey Park wrote:
Hello ellen just wanted to say hi and that i love u and hope to meet u one day..:)

Jennifer Lam from Kamloops, BC wrote:

ellen page you inspire me like noone else. you give me hope that i can make something outta myself and i truely thank you for that.

you are so self-depricating(and i mean that in the best way possible)and you just have this warmth about you that just draws me in.

your so good at what you do and make such conscious movie role choices.

all the best to you in the future.

Jennifer Lam(quite possibly your biggest fan ever.)

it would mean so much to me, even if all you wrote was, hi. JLam@nkss.sd73.bc.ca

thanx. love. peace.

Alex from Irvine, California wrote:
I know you get this alot but i truly an in love with you..marry me.........happy 21's i know im like 2 weeks late but your awesome have fun

Dakota from Colifonia (Woot) wrote:
Ellen, wow... great acting in Juno! I'm an actor too, but i could never measure up to you! Terrific Job!

Alicia from New Jersey wrote:
Ellen!!! Happy 21st!! Keep up the great work, you're truly one of a kind. Great job on SNL and best of luck in the future. Happy birthday rising star.

Ashley from London, ON wrote:
you are truly an original! Such an inspiration. Any movie part, interview, etc. that you take part in makes me cry because your presence truly touches me.


(Canadian pride too!

Emily from NY wrote:
Dear Ellen,
I loved you in Juno and wanted to wish you a happy birthday! My birthday's on February 21st, too!

Sarah from St. Louis MO wrote:
Ellen you are basically my idol! I loved Juno You are an AMAZING actor! Happy Birthday

Ali from Michigan wrote:
Ohmigosh! Hey Ellen! You are my idol. I am a actress really trying to do my best to be like you. I look up to you! Happy Birthday! You looked fab at the Academy Awards. Luv ya!

Lola from M wrote:
Hi Ellen! I just want to say you that I adore you. You are an amazing actress and a wonderful girl, I love you!!

I was born Februar 21, too. Happy Birthday!