Franky from Quebec wrote:
Well this is cool... Happy Belated Birthday Ellen!! Funny how you can drink in the states now... hehehe, anyways hope you had an awesome birthday, I wish you a nice day!

Jack from Ireland wrote:
Dear Ellen, Hope you have a great birthday!!!!!! you are an amazing actress and a Brilliant role model for people with alternative tastes in music and film!!!!!.

Tracy from Houston, Texas wrote:
Happy Belated Birthday! Lucky you that in Canada you were able to drink a long time ago...Anyway you're not going to read this but in case you do, on your next film you're going to be in Texas and you said you wanted to see the bats in Austin. The street to go to is Congress Avenue...there's even a BAT Hotline at 512-416-5700 (ext.3636). Dont forget to check out 6th street and 4th street. The locals can point you in the right direction. I'll be there for Pat Green's concert. SCHWING! Later!

Nil and Parmida from Halifax NS wrote:
Hi dear Ellen
congradulations , it is so amazing your birthday and Oscar both are in Feb. I've seen the movie Juno you were actually grate. it dosn't matter if you lost the played your role gratefully. any way ,my goughter(Parmida) and I must be more proud because your Mom is my doughter's teacher , sorry if my English is not very good. I hope to see you soon. take care

Brandon from Mexico City wrote:
Hey girl, you are the best, thanks for being such an angel, you rock!!!!

Thomas from Argentina wrote:
Hi Ellen!!!!

clay tth from kilua kona,hawaii wrote:
happy 21st birthday ellen i know its late to be saying that but oh well. in my opinion your not just an actor your an angel.

Mauricio from Mexico City wrote:
I cant stop watching your "dance" in The Tracey Fragments....Wow! girl....

Michelle E. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
Ellen, you're totally the koolest actress today. You inspire me to believe that there are still actors in Hollywood that are there because they are talented, not just because they got the looks. You have both, but are much much more talented than everyone else our age. I hope you had a fabulous birthday and come to UCLA to visit smart college students (like myself) and talk about everything!

Naomi Asimow from California wrote:
You are my favorite actor and Juno is my favorite movie. You rox my sox!

Rose from Nova Scotia wrote:
We all hope you had a wonderful birthday from everyone back home in Nova Scotia. We are all proud of you.

Eric from Jersey wrote:
Hey Ellen,
Keep doing what you do. Your great at it.
Hope you the best in the future.

Sincerely yours,
Eric AKA ace

Sydney from Burlington, NC wrote:
You GO GIRL!!! Happy 21 Birthday!! You Rock. Keep up the Good Work. I Believe you are an inspiring female of our generation!

marlo k. from Halifax wrote:
I hope you had a great birthday and a couple shots for your fans back home! I hope to see you working and growing for a long time.

Chelsea from New York City wrote:
HEY Ellen I love u so much i think ur so down to earth looks like your life is going to have great adventures!!

Lluc from Seattle, WA wrote:
Dear Ellen,
this may sound wierd but I think you are really really hot.

Best of wishes, Lluc

Ivan from Sydney, Australia wrote:
Dear Ellen, All the best this new year. You're destined for great things, and please never change. Be strong as I'm pretty sure Fame and paparazzis can drive anyone crazy. You're a very mature person and intelligent person. Love...IJE

James from Springfield, VA wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen
I love you and your work!
Keep it up!

Jamee from Prague, Czech Republic wrote:
Happy Birthday! Please, give us a present and come this year back to Karlovy Vary...

Jessica Besner from South Amboy, New Jersey wrote:
I love you Ellen. You are amazing and a true inspiration. I can't wait to see your new movies. Be mine? ;) haha jk but really not at all. Keep doing what you're doing and dont let Hollywood get you down or change you!

Anthony from Boston, MA, USA wrote:
You're easily one of the best new actresses out there. Keep doing what you're doing, Ellen. I hope that you had a great birthday.

alain from Guatemala wrote:
happy birthday you are the best actress i have seen in all my life and you are so cute i wish all you dreams come true congratulations and have many years more

Brad from Reading, PA wrote:
You rock! Happy B-day, I wish you the best!! :)

Leticia from Brazil wrote:
You're such an inspiration to me!!!
You've got so much personality, you're such a great actress! I know I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday!

Brandon from Redlands,CA USA wrote:
I thought juno was amazing and I loved you as kitty pryde in X3. I think you are one of the most original people in the world as well as an authentic actress. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with the world and I can't wait to see what happens next in your no doubt long and productive career