mcahit from turkey wrote:
Happy birthday.I want see your beauty.I want to talk to you about your films etc.

Katie from Cali wrote:

You are the most inspiring actress I have ever seen. You are absolutely gorgeous, and have a very friendly personality. I love how you can express your self with such grace. You are definitely the next big actress, the next Katherine Hepburn. I really look up to you and think of you as a role model.

You are my Hero.

I know I

Stephen from w wrote:
Drink some for me.

Sarah from California wrote:
I know your b-day has passed, but i really wanted to leave you something. I think you are such a great person and my role model. Every time I think of you I smile because you are so talented, yet so down to earth and awsome in every way. Keep on rockin Ellen!! You are so cool and I will never get sick of you! HAPPY BELATED BDAY!


Alex from Gresham wrote:
You rock Ellenpage! Happy birtday.

Mario R. Erazo from I miss your birthday wrote:
I'm sorry about your birthday on last Feb.21,2008 I'm Mario and I your beat fan of you Ellen, I saw you on Saturday Night Live on NBC it was amazing, well I see you next time!

zsolt from romania wrote:
happy birthday...God Bless U!!!

mellisa from alberta wrote:
i hope you had a great birthday
Just to let you know i chose you for a report in school about great canadians, thats how i came acros this site good luck with your career, you are a really good actor!

akob from best wrote:
you are the best girle

Annie from Hong Kong wrote:
Hi Ellen!
Happy Birthday to you.
I'm a huge fan of yours. You are a great actress and i'm looking forward to seeing you in more great roles and movies. Good luck with everything and I'll continue to support you!


Tom Van Dusen from Belleville, Ontario. wrote:
I saw you some time back on Oprah Winfrey.
It was a very good Interview.
I should have checked for this webpage before.
I felt bad you did not get an award for "Juno"
Keep up the good work.

A Fan,

Tom Van Dusen

thefonzdied from imdb ellen page forum wrote:
March 5th? Aw shit I'm late on this one.


Keep your fuzzy little Canadian head away from all the coke and sex parties in Hollywood.


Alex Celis from houston wrote:
well... dear ellen, I give you my bests wishes for your new year a new chapter of your life book, well I just want to say I really apreciate what you have done, because you have changed my whole life filing it with precious moments admiring everything you are, as I said my best wishes and

Katie Stelmanis from Toronto wrote:
Hello Ellen

I think what you did on television on Saturday Night Live was a positive step forward for our community. Thank you.

I hope that one day we might cross paths because I am also in entertainment.


Jackie from Germany wrote:
Happy Birthday! I discovered you in Hard Candy and you have since become my favorite actress. I recently found this site dedicated to you and I check it everyday! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world. I look forward to your future work. I admire you for being so humble, intelligent, and genuine. Dont ever change.

einar from iceland wrote:
i thank ellen page is hot :)

Lourdes from Argentina wrote:
I know it

Irene from Madrid (Spain) wrote:
Ellen, I know it's late, but happy birthday anyway.
I'm such a FAN!... you're the best actress I've ever seen!! Thanks, thak you for sharing with us your talent.
And... for what i've seen, you are a great person too... so, I wish the best for you.


Russell Volebeats from Motown wrote:
You were right. Sonic Youth IS mostly just noise! Hope your B-day was a good one!!

EGE from turkey wrote:
happy birthday superhuman ellen.

ExT from KG wrote:
It's in a Russian :

Calabac from Spain wrote:
Keep on being as you are, natural, intelligent and different because people always criticize people that is amazing by nature. Do your best, we love you and support you ;)

AMARA from MONGOLIA wrote:

Kael from Singapore wrote:
Inspirational, Fucking A actress. U'll do well and hope u dont end up in rehab or dead. tc.

Me from Nova Scotia wrote:
Style, beuty, and grace. What more is there. Happy birthday.